• Steyr Club Australia Workshop Millmeran 2010

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    Stealth Recon Stout Rifle System Demonstration

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    Nioa vs Dreamworld

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    Safari in Northern Quebec

  • Testing the Browning X Bolt

    Rick Casagrande tests the Browning X Bolt and Winchester factory ammunition on the bench, the range, and in the field – taking a Javan Rusa stag.

  • Field Testing the CZ 550 Magnum 375 H & H

    Rick Casagrande travels to the Northern Territory to field test the CZ 550 Magnum 375 H & H on Australia’s largest game.

  • How to mount rifle scopes

    Stuart Elliott from BRT Shooters Supply demonstrates how to mount telescopic scopes to rifles.  This is a detailed demonstration that is a ‘must see’ for all avid hunters and shooting sportsmen and women.

  • March Rifle Scope Bench Test

    Rick Casagrande demonstrates the ability of the March line of Rifle Scopes. Rick uses a CZ 550 Magnum in 416 Rigby calibre that certainly would test the bona fides of any telescopic rifle optic.

  • Range testing the CZ 550 Magnum 375 H & H

    Rick Casagrande tests the CZ 550 Magnum 375 H & H

  • Sambar (Rusa unicolor)

    Sambar (Rusa unicolor)

    ‘The dominant transplant’ as Arthur Bentley termed it in his An Introduction to the Deer of Australia, the sambar is the largest of the deer species established here in the wild. Stags stand at about 127cm at the shoulder and weigh around 225kg (hinds 115cm, 150kg), although much heavier weights have been recorded in individuals. Antlers are typically three tined, but despite this simplicity, there is a wide variety of styles. Coat colour is normally brown but individuals of grey […]

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  • Rusa Deer (Cervus timorensis)

    Rusa Deer (Cervus timorensis)

    Rusa are closely related to the sambar, but smaller in stature (stags about 110cm at shoulder, weight about 140kg with hinds proportionately smaller (90cm, 80kg). Coat colour is a uniform grey-brown, variable between individuals and season. The body hair is coarse and notably sparse by comparison with other deer. Antlers are typically three tined with the beams forming a characteristic lyre shape. The original stock of rusa which reached New South Wales from New Caledonia between 1861 and 1885 was […]

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  • Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)

    Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)

    The deer of literature as it has sometimes been referred to is due to the immense volume of material written about it. Like the fallow deer, the red deer and related species are widely spread throughout the world. The second largest of the deer in Australia, a stag stands about 120cm at the shoulder and weighs about 160kg (hinds 90cm, 90kg). Coat colour ranges from a dull brown in winter coat to a rich reddish brown in summer; a permanent […]

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