Wild Ambush Volume 1 is pleased to release its first DVD – Wild Ambush.

This ‘high definition’ hunting journey begins in the Northern Territory with The mighty Banteng bull of the Coburg Peninsula and the great wild boars of the Northern Territory floodplains.

The Gulf of Carpentaria has triggered many a hunters dream about the tuskers of the great north but this time it’s the Jarvan Rusa that raises the shackles for an exiting hunting adventure.

The back blocks of Western Queensland brings a young Jaden Preece to the rifle hunting scene and his 42 inch trophy Billy Goat is a cracker.  These big billies are now few and far between because of the commercial benefits the wild goat has brought to the western graziers.  This film will show a few big billies in waiting.

Quebec Canada is an amazing hunting ground for many of the North American trophy species as well as those animals that survive in the tundra and Arctic regions in the north.  Huge Manitoban Elk, Black Bear, Moose and an extra special Red Deer make this part of the hunting film vet special indeed.

We hope you enjoy the initial release of “WILD AMBUSH” and look forward to producing further feature films as DVD and short films for our website.

Cost AU$35.00
(Both PAL or NTSC versions available)

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