Adrenalin Rush 2

Adrenaline Rush Vol 2 is’s third high definition DVD in a  series of Bowhunting and Rifle Hunting sporting DVDs.

Wayne Preece again takes us on an incredible journey of hunting in Queensland and the Northern Territory.  The Javan Rusa action in this DVD shows an incredible number of trophy stags over a 5 day hunting period which could not possibly be matched anywhere else in the country.

Wayne’s son Jayden is introduced to us as a bow hunter and he obviously has taken to bow hunting like a duck to water, and he would be the envy of any budding bowhunter in Australia.

The Northern Territory’s mighty Banteng makes a star appearance as Wayne stalks his trophy for over two hours to get his shot away.

Wayne guides Cate Agale to take what should be a new Australian Record for wild goat.

Join and Wayne for another journey into the wilds of Australia to see exactly what the country has to offer outside the concrete jungle.

Cost AU$40.00 (including P+P)
(Only PAL version available. NTSC version coming soon.)

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