OCTV is an outdoors adventure website.  This website is for the mutual benefit of hunters and sport shooting people alike.  Learn from others who have been and done just what you are about to do.

OpenCountryTV.com is an Australian collaboration of extreme bowhunters and expert riflemen bringing the world of hunting to you in true Aussie style and in High Definition quality.

Follow our intrepid series of hunting expeditions through Australia and other countries with Predator Video and the Adrenaline Rush and Wild Ambush series of DVDs.

Hunting DVD presentations of various hunts and biological data on animals for background research for new hunters are now available.


Wayne Preece has taken up the weight on a bow string for more than 30 years.His energy and knowledge of the outdoors is second to none. Wayne’s tireless efforts make bringing high definition high hunting adventure video footage to you.

Wayne is equally adept at taking action film footage. His hunting experience allows him to get the hunter and prey at the right angle every time. If you are a Bowhunter then you will not want to miss “Adrenalin Rush 1”

Rifle hunting

Rick Casagrande has hunted the South Pacific and Africa. Hunting is part of his DNA and has been part of his life for 38 years. Adapting to new surroundings and working the lay of the land for a successful hunt is his specialty.

The 2009 release of “Adrenalin Rush 2” and “Aussies in Africa” (2010) is not to be missed.

DVD Production

Production is professionally carried out ‘in house’ by OpenCountryTV.com